Do you like horror novels? If so, you should check out my novel, Undying Vengeance. So far, I have had great reviews and ratings, for which I am very grateful. 

Undying Vengeance is the first of The Dark Ones trilogy and is a tale of love, loss and revenge. It takes you in to the life of Armani, who is put through great emotional pain and distress and must make some very difficult decisions. The vampires seek out Armani and welcome him, unwillingly, to their clan. 

The vampires in my novel belong to a society called The Dark Ones. They are vigilante vampires who have a heart and love for children. Using their faithful guardian, the great black hawk, they see through his eyes as he scouts out children, who have fallen victim to abuse by evil adults. The vampires are the true heroes.  

Justice is served in this novel and you will find yourself rooting for these vampires as they rescue the helpless children. 

Source: http://www.amazon.com/author/klburnham